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  1. 箇条書き項目 Cathodic Catalyst for Air Battery

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Technical information

  1. 箇条書き項目 Air battery is the most promising device for improving the battery performance and replacing Li-ion-battery. Air battery using Li or Mg as the anodic metal demands a suitable catalyst for the cathode in the battery system. The feature enables to obtain the maximum energy density compared to that of any voltaic battery, theoretically.

  1. 箇条書き項目  The reaction capability required in the cathodic catalyst (i.e. O2 + 2H2O + 4e- → 4OH-) is the most important factor to determine the performance of air battery.

  1. 箇条書き項目 We supplied this nanosized manganese oxide (CAT F-01) to TOYOTA Motor Co as the cathodic catalyst  of air battery. As the  result,  a significant improvement in the performance of the Li-Air battery was reported as shown in Fig. 1, in the patent application by TOYOTA (JP 2009-289616).

  1. 箇条書き項目 Fig. 1 indicates the Li-Air battery made by TOYOTA performs an overwhelming performance compared to that of conventional Li ion or Li-Air battery. When such high performance battery is put in practical use in the near future, the car mileage over 48000 Km (corresponding to the trip  distance in one lap of Earth) per one cartridge of the battery will be realized.

Fig. 1 Improvement of battery performance using the cathodic catalyst provided by FSL

Comparison of cathodic discharging capacity per unit mass of the cathode (mA/g) was determined.


     CAT No. F-01

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