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Technical information

 Palladium is the most useful catalyst for cleaning the exhaust gas of automobile.  Currently, the price of Pd is increasing in the world. Hence, the extracting technology of ppb level of Pd contained in various industrial effluents should be improved.

 We supply a manganese oxide catalyst (CAT No. F-03) that shows about 100 mg /g as the maximum capability of Pd adsorption to 1g of catalyst in aqueous effluent containing Pd with the concentration range of ppb ~ ppm levels. Fig. 1 shows Pd nano particles (dark) adsorbed on a surface of the manganese oxide catalyst (bright).

 The particles of Pd adsorbed on the surface of the manganese oxide powder are eluted into a small volume of aqueous acidic solvent in enriched the Pd concentration.

 The manganese oxide powder after the elution of Pd can be reused frequently with the nearly equal yield of the initial Pd adsorption capability.

Fig.1 TEM image of the surface of MnO2 (bright) deposited with Pd nano particles (dark) in high density

Mechanism of the electroless deposition of Pd on the surface of MnO2

1st Anodic reaction 
OH- + Mn(IV)O2 (surface) → Mn(III)OO•H (surface) + 1/2O2 + e-  (1)
2nd Anodic reaction 
Mn(III)OO•H (surface) → Mn (IV) O2 (surface) + H+ + e-  (2)
Cathodic reaction
 Pd2+ + 2e- → Pd       (3)
Overall reaction
Pd2+ + OH- → Pd + 1/2O2 + H+       (4)
ΔG = -18.72 kJmol-1 (ΔG<0)
H. Koyanaka, M. Tsujimoto, K. Takeuchi, A. I. Kolesnikov, Proton and electron charge on the surface of manganese dioxide using effect of water splitting, The Electrochemical Society of Japan, The 77th Annual Conference, (2010)
H. Koyanaka, M. Tsujimoto, Y. Kusano, K. Takeuchi, Direct conversion of methane to hydrogen using a manganese dioxide deposited nano-palladium particles, Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, The 107th Annual Conference, (2011)
Separation & recovery of palladium from aqueous solutions

Electroless Deposition of Palladium

     CAT No. F-05

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