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  1. 箇条書き項目 High speed flotation of radioactive effluents

Separation of radioactive contaminants from aqueous solutions

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Technical information

  1. 箇条書き項目 Many kinds of radioactive nuclides are contained in the waste solution from atomic power plants, such as 137Cs, 90Sr, 144Ce, 106Ru, and 95Zr, etc. Typical treatment techniques such as evaporation, ion-exchange, and chemical precipitation are conventionally used for separating those radioactive nuclides from waste solution.

  1. 箇条書き項目 As a high speed and safe treatment method of radioactive effluents, Co-precipitation Flotation was researched and developed by Dr. Y. Koyanaka, professor in Kyoto University Japan from 1966 to 1970. The specific features are as follows:

  1. 1.Large treatment capacity of waste solution with a high yield and low cost

  2. 2.Small amount of radioactive sludge from the treatment process

  3. 3.High efficiency for removing radioactive nuclides under the wet process

  1. 箇条書き項目 We have a lot of knowhow to select and use the appropriate chemicals according to the kinds of radioactive nuclides contained in effluents. Our know-how can contribute to the treatment of a large quantity of radioactive effluents that will be produced from the process of atomic power reactors abolitions in this century.

Photograph of an actual flotation device


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